Who I Am As A Leader:

Some say leaders are born. Others say leaders are made. I like to think I’m a bit of both. The oldest of 5 in a blended latch-key family, I understood, accepted, and thrived as the de facto leader of my siblings, starting at the age of 8. My home is where I first learned the importance of assessing, planning, executing, revising, teaching, and motivating. I learned to mentor my “team” by helping them become their best selves and by teaching them to be accountable to themselves and the team. Later, I gravitated to leadership roles as a television journalist, where I excelled for 30 years in balancing thoughtful preparation with the ability to make sound, split-second decisions. My TV roles helped me grow into an adept team-builder with a knack for forging teams with diverse personalities and viewpoints. Today, as an author, speaker and consultant I embrace the challenges of a high energy environment, creating and reaching deadlines, thinking on my feet and being the lighthouse in the storms that inevitably come.

What Leadership Means to Me: There are many great quotes about leadership, but I want you to know what I believe about this critical and important role. These beliefs define my operating principles as a leader. I believe a successful leader must:

  • Be strong but flexible
  • Be positive yet realistic
  • Be a careful and enthusiastic listener
  • Motivate rather than intimidate
  • Lead by the examples of integrity, ethics, and reliability
  • Lead with unflinching honesty tempered with compassion
  • Be willing to do the most- and least- “important” tasks and do them with a smile
  • Encourage others to join their corner, not back them into a corner
  • Be less of a people-person and more of a ‘person-person’
  • Help others grow into their potential, then back away and let them go for it!

Expectations: What can you expect from me? You can expect me to come to the table with an open mind and an open heart. My goal is less about what I want to achieve and most about what you want and need in your team environment. To this end I covenant with you to:

  • Equip you with tools and resources to empower you to be the best team- and individuals
  • Equip you to navigate difficult circumstances, corporate climates, and even personalities
  • Equip you to think and act holistically, meaning: creatively, strategically, calmly, quickly when needed, and with confidence.
  • Equip you with the tools to maintain a positive, healthy mindset regardless of the situation
  • Consistently exhibit the characteristics referenced above

Once you are equipped, my job is to:

  • Let you test the “equipment” by working in teams and individually to resolve relevant scenarios
  • Support and encourage you- in victory and defeat
  • Encourage what is done well, and identify where improvements can be made
  • Encourage you to think through the processes yourself, and with your team
  • Applaud your growth
  • Provide you with resources for continuing leadership education and opportunities

Expectations of you:

“Excellence is not an act but a habit.” ~Aristotle If a leader is to exhibit excellence, some things must be done with consistency. These are some of those things which I expect from our time together

  • Arrive on time and prepared.
  • Come with an open mind and an open heart.
  • Ask questions! Ask lots of questions!
  • Leave negativity outside the door.
  • Be courageous! Never be fearful of offering an idea, suggestion, or comment (in a positive and constructive way)
  • Be courteous. No one expects the team to always agree, but courteous disagreement with positive suggestions for resolution are welcome and expected.
  • Don’t be a lone wolf. To paraphrase Ray Kroc, no one of us alone is as good as all of us together.
  • Be an encourager not a divider.


  • Everyone participates. The quietest person in the room may have the most to say!
  • I promise to enforce a judgment-free zone. Breathe and don’t be afraid to…
  • Take risks! Outside the box is where a lot of exciting things happen!
  • I have zero tolerance for bad attitudes, disrespectful behavior, and condescending remarks. They are all counter-productive.
  • We will end every session with something that brings us all together, makes us smile, and motivates us to get out there and make great things happen!

A Final Word:

I believe leadership is a privilege, not an entitlement. Those of us who are charged with leading others, whether in small groups or large, whether on the job, in the community, or in the home, must adopt a personal commitment to excellence. This does not mean that we do not fail. We do! And that’s okay. What sets leaders apart is that we recognize our shortcomings and strategize ways to overcome them. In short, we must be like that 8-year-old girl I was once was. We must assess our team, devise a plan, execute the plan, revise the plan when necessary, teach and learn, motivate others to become their best for their own good and the good of the team. We must be positive, patient and calm, but with the developed ability to make difficult, sound, split-second decisions when called for.  I will not promise you that I will be perfect 100% of the time. But I will be perfectly committed to you 100% of our time and together, we WILL make extraordinary things happen.