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When you hire Drexel Gilbert for your keynote, conference or training workshop, you get an electrifying speaker with a compelling message of optimism, courage and success that empowers you to live better, do better and be better! With infectious humor, spunk and audience engagement, Drexel does more than speakers who simply entertain. She sends you into the world with the tools, enthusiasm and professional know-how to get busy living the life– and having the relationships– you want! Read more!

Motivational Minutes

In our church today we will light the Advent candle of “peace.” Advent is the beginning of the Christian year, but it is also a time when many Christians reflect on their faith. As the candles of hope, peace, joy, and love are lit each Sunday in December, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider how we carry those virtues to the world around  us. Today is a good time to ask: “Am I bringing peace to my little corner of the world?” If not, consider how you might change your approach to achieve harmony. Then watch the ripple effect of your peacemaking efforts. Today is a good day to “peace-out.”

Drexel’s Daily Blog

This week is a personal story of loss from Drexel, who understands that while it’s never easy to say goodbye, sometimes it helps to remember the good times with the one who’s gone: Puppy Dog Kisses & Rainbow Bridges-Saying Goodbye to Buddy