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When you hire Drexel Gilbert for your keynote, conference or training workshop, you get an electrifying speaker with a compelling message of optimism, courage and success that empowers you to live better, do better and be better! With infectious humor, spunk and audience engagement, Drexel does more than speakers who simply entertain. She sends you into the world with the tools, enthusiasm and professional know-how to get busy living the life– and having the relationships– you want! Read more!

Motivational Minutes

“Make sure your words are kind and sweet, in case you those words you have to eat!” I’m not sure who first said that, but I like it! There’s a of talk about kindness during the holidays. What is kindness? It can be something you do or it can be simply a touch, a look, or an attitude. Kindness may mean overlooking an insult. Kindness can turn someone’s tears into a smile. Kindness can take someone who is at their emotional edge and pull them back to a place of security and hope. A kind spirit makes you approachable. Kindness makes your words of advice, or even rebuke, easier to take. Being kind to someone who is least expecting it may be the gift that changes their day… or their life. Be a life-changer today. Be kind.

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