May is National Date Your Mate Month

Here are Drexel’s daily tips for ways to date your mate and spice up your relationship!

Sometimes getting back to nature can put a spark in your love life! Here are a couple of easy ways to help “nature take its course!”

For guys: “Poems have been written about it. Songs have been sung about it. People brave blistering heat and biting cold to witness it in places all over the globe. ‘It’ is the sunset, and for whatever reason, it is magic. Find out what time the sunsets today. Take your mate to see it. You can go to the beach, to the roof, to the park, or to the backyard. Hold her hand. Watch the night slip into day. You never know. Magic might happen.” *Excerpted from “30 Days to Better Love: A Guide for Men.” You can order it here! 

For gals: “Take him on a picnic. Sometimes, it’s nice to get away from it all and listen to the birds chirp, the frogs croak, the surf, or just the silence of the evening. Keep it simple. Wine, cheese, crackers, fruit, a little store-bought chicken salad. Spread a tablecloth, or a beach towel, over a cooler to make a table. Plastic wine glasses and a votive candle are nice touches. Fun music played through your cellphone and you’re all set. Hungry, you say? This might be a great way to satisfy your appetite. If you get my drift!” *Excerpted from 30 Days to Better Love: A Guide for Women. Coming this fall.

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May is Date Your Mate Month!

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